Trim Your Bushes Down to the Right Size

Shrub pruning and trimming services in Franklin, IN

Are the bushes on your landscape getting out of control? Before you start whacking away at the out of control shrubbery on your property, consider turning to a local tree service company you can trust. The experienced team at Jennings Tree Service in Franklin, IN offers professional shrub pruning and trimming services that are designed to maintain the health of your shrubs.

Count on us for the following shrub services:

• Shrub pruning
• Shrub trimming
• Shrub cleaning
• Shrub shaping

Get your bushes under control today

Get your bushes under control today

If you’re tired of overgrown shrubs or concerned about the health of your bushes, you’ve come to the right place! Jennings Tree Service has decades of experience providing trees and shrubs with the care they deserve. Rely on us to maintain and nurture your shrubbery according to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) standards. Call 317-796-4010 for a free estimate on your next shrub pruning or trimming service.